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I'm a product marketer in edtech—writer at heart and industry champion.


🚀 Executing campaigns and supporting the go-to-market strategy tactics to drive the pipeline for the 5-product reading suite that exists in ⅕ classrooms.

🗣️ Presented the highest-rated sales enablement event of 2023 with 96% of sales attendees scoring it as “Highly Relevant” to their role.

🦄 Produced an email-only campaign strategy resulting in 191 trials and becoming the foundation for a company brand campaign.

💡Developing and refining high-impact sales enablement collateral across all stages of the customer journey.


🤝 Staying customer-centric. Seeking out opportunities to consistently connect with them and consider their needs in projects.

📌 Storytelling. Serving as a product advocate by connecting with customers' pain points and leading with the how, not the what.

💸 Tying everything back to revenue. Prioritizing and measuring work based on revenue impact.

📚 Always making time to learn. Learning something new about the industry, a customer, or a skill every day.

Noteable Work

Product Marketing Alliance Certified

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