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What Lego means to a kid working in edbiz

Not everyone can say they have a Van Gogh at home.😉

Fun activity to tap into your kid self over some good music and a movie (or 3).

Some on-brand connections from building "The Starry Night" to consider at work:

✨ Stay organized to find what you need

Keeps the bottom of your feet pain free—from stray Legos or pressure juggling work projects.

☄️ Frustration can lead to blaming

No, Lego didn't forget to include the piece I couldn't find. I just needed to take an extra 10 seconds to dig.

🪐 Don’t build on a shaky foundation

Better to rebuild and avoid a fire than pretend little problems don't exist.

🔭 There are no small parts only small actors

Those 1x1 blocks are fundamental. Think of that mundane part of your job in the same way.

🚀 Every catastrophe has some helper to get out of a bind 

Many Lego kits come with an orange separator tool (in case you stick the wrong pieces together). Have the mindset that this tool or person exists for an issue at work.

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