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The Nation's Edtech Plan 2024: The Digital Use Divide

Edtech doesn't have to transform all kids' lives.

According to the nation’s hashtag#edtech plan for 2024, there's a "Digital Use Divide" between students. 

Some use products to create, explore, and soar.

Others are limited to using tech passively.

Consider this:

Where does your customer want students to be?

How can your solution fit into that long-term planning/ goal?

This section of the report helped me see the different ways hashtag#productmarketing can ease buyer concerns that students will fall into group 2:

The power of less

Project-based learning

Problem-based learning

The lifespan of your tech

Healthy, safety, and security

Mixing analog and digital solutions

Connecting to personal and professional interests

Of course, our products should be able to back up what we claim first.


The 2024 plan is broken into 5 parts. Stay tuned for the rest of the TLDR series!

(Takeaways from the intro are linked in the comments.)


✨The Digital Use Divide

The Digital Design Divide

The Digital Access Divide


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