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I wanted to enter the edbiz after spending a childhood learning from what the industry has to offer.

For more than 10 years, learning products motivated me to become a better student, from Leapster cartridges to Coursera certificates. Still, I didn't know an entire industry existed until college.

Fast forward to 2020. Watching my little brother in 5th grade Zoom school inspired me to make him a learning guide with recommended edtech practice I knew firsthand we could count on. One guide turned into 12 more, personalized for families of my home city's San Francisco Public Library. My understanding of the industry and passion for connecting kids to game-changing products grew from here.

I changed my major to study education, tech, and entrepreneurship that fall. After a few exciting internships and earning my degree from New York University, here we are: product marketing at Learning A-Z. 

I know how learning products can make kids feel—from finding flow and making progress, to feeling stuck. Now I'm challenging myself to tie this to marketing to schools and parents, so they can select learning opportunities that fit their kids' unique needs.

I also write a newsletter for edtech professionals sharing product marketing gold from books across industries plus more than 10 years of using learning products so we can learn, together

Raised in San Francisco, living in New York, New York.

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