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If you love edtech, product marketing, and storytelling.

I'm using my lifetime spent learning with products to promote the value of impactful edtech SaaS as a product marketer.


I'm a product of the stories and ambitions of founders. I went to school at a time when many big edtech names of today were just starting. Startups changing the face of education motivated me to become a better student for over 10 years.


It wasn't until 2020 that I learned what the edtech industry was. When pandemic lockdowns during college brought me back to my hometown of San Francisco, I witnessed my little brother getting through 5th grade on Zoom. I was concerned about how the upcoming summer break would contribute to learning loss.


Inspired by learning products I used when I was his age, I made a summer learning schedule for him, with recommended solutions for each content area. One schedule turned into support for 12 families, members of my local San Francisco public library.


That fall, I dedicated my degree to learning about the business and pedagogy of education, graduating from NYU last year.

👉Learn more about the letters I write here.

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