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I launched Channel Your Tech Kid in 2023 to better connect edtech professions with the learners. 


After asking people why they've entered this business, I've heard a lot of general statements like: "I want to help kids".

There's nothing wrong with an answer like that. But I KNOW that having a deeper connection to your work can better fuel you to get out of bed in the morning.

Working in the industry is personal for me—startup platforms changing the face of education motivated me to learn as a kid for MORE THAN 10 YEARS!

Now I'm carrying this motivation with me as I start my career...and turning it into bite-sized hacks to connect edtech professionals to their unique work motivators.

Product marketing kid-first tech products by day, building Channel Your Tech Kid by night.

L.A.-born San Francisco-bred New Yorker. Let's connect on LinkedIn.

Learn more about Channel Your Tech kid here, and take the QUIZ! 

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