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Silly you, here are 3 reasons edtech mascots aren't just for kids!

Stars, points, and special powers make learning creative and inspiring when we're young. Then they fade away into adulthood.

The edtech product mascots I saw as a kid meant everything to my learning experience. These characters had the star quality to make me want to read more books, log more learning hours, and most importantly, make progress.

As adults, we celebrate our work in our own unique ways. But how often would you use words like playful and childlike fun to describe milestone moments?

If your answer is not very often, let's take a look at how you can change this.

Blend the mascot's energy into your work projects

This is easier said than done depending on the work you do.

If you're a marketer, designer, or multimedia artist, you can make strategic choices about including mascots in collateral. This could be an easy win that emphasizes your company's memorability.

If you're having trouble connecting your furry orange caterpillar to your sales rep job, you need to think more creatively. Maybe you can integrate it into your email signature or sales pitch.

Including your mascot in your work may feel like a nice to have. But did you know that feeling connected at work leads to a 56% increase in job performance? What better way to stay connected than by prioritizing some of your cutest company representatives?

Make the mascot the cheerleader of your edtech job

Think about the habits you have at work and how you can stack new ones. At the start of each week, challenge yourself to play a company video that features the mascot. It doesn't have to be a long one. Set aside a minute or two of your morning.

The point? Ground yourself in the upbeat, silliness, and simplicity—really whatever words describe your mascot's personality best—that your end users see. From this POV you can begin your workweek by creating with this energy in mind.

They say great chefs cook with love. Let's pour the enthusiasm we want kids to feel with our products, into our work.

Make your mascot contagious

Spread your mascot's impact far and wide.

No matter what your edtech role is, you can build brand and product hype by posting on social media. Who knows how seeing that mascot will make another employee, competitor, or potential buyer feel?

Your edtech company mascot can't give you direct feedback on your job performance. It can help you create outputs that:

  • sharpen your focus and purpose in your role.

  • emphasize the creative and childlike piece of your company's brand.

  • inspire others to connect their work to the mascots and experience those benefits.

We associate mascot-like figures with children. After all, cartoons are overwhelmingly popular for this demographic, from kid's TV and movies to edtech.

But the mascots that represent your edtech company can also entertain, motivate, and inspire YOU!


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