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How to make working in the edtech industry more personal to you

Like Bethenny Frankel, I'm taking an axe to the phrase "it's nothing personal, just business."

Like any industry, the promises of edtech missions can feel shrouded in business language and business goals. But there's more at stake than hitting revenue goals when you work in the edtech industry. At least there should be.

We need to make our buyers happy who are investing in young people's lives. We also need to think about the young futures at stake. We were once them.

We can solve this dilemma by tapping into the kids we once were, and channeling our edtech kid into our work. Because our work is important and it will be better because of this.

Questions are king. Don’t stop asking them.

Why? Why? Whyyyyyy? Remember doing this as a kid? Let's get back to that.

If we’re going to make edtech solutions that truly benefit teachers, students, and families, we need to make sure we know what they want, know how to give them what they want, rinse and repeat. Here's where you can look for:

Hard-hitting answers that can more directly impact your work and company:

  • Keep an ear to the classroom by talking with teacher friends and LinkedIn connections.

  • These can be brief, informal telephone convos or planned-out coffee dates.

  • Ask about their pain points. The things that make them sigh in relief. The dreams they have for their classroom and professional development.

For more candid, unfiltered, feedback that may or may not be influenced by what was on the menu for lunch that day:

  • Look to the kids in your life!

  • Use their words as fuel to contribute to making their lives better.

Step back into a classroom.

There are so many ways to assist educators and students, from helping out as a classroom aid during the school day to tutoring students outside of school hours.

When you're in the classroom, allow yourself to feel the feels. Take in your environment and think about that room that reminds you of the ones you were in way back when. What feels new, different, exciting, and strange?

The ideas and assumptions you entered the position will be impacted. You’ll be able to look at the challenges you’re facing at work differently — and maybe get inspired by new ideas.

Check out your company’s volunteer PTO options. I know established education organizations like mine offer employees a couple of days a year to volunteer in schools.

Hit that subscribe button

The best way to learn how to approach your work in a more personal way is to learn from others. Going directly to the source is great but you can supplement this by subscribing to relevant content.

You may have your favorite blend to add nutrients to your body. It’s time to find the ones that nourish your industry knowledge.

From blogs and newsletters to podcasts and YouTube videos, it's up to you to decide how you want to learn how to channel your edtech kid at work!


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