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5 improvements I've seen after DOING something with the edtech content I consume

I consume so much content daily in my email inboxes and media feeds that I recently decided to reign in my scrolling.

More than anything, I want to feel inspired to create, network and dream big, crazy hopes for myself and the edtech industry, that I hold near and dear.

Here are some work/life changes I've seen in myself since I began.

I'm more intentional about the content I take in

I like keeping up with pop culture and comedy as much as the next guy. But above all, I want to make sure that my feeds and inboxes have content that aligns with my goals.

Content consumption is on the rise across channels, especially YouTube and TikTok. And guess what?

There's a specific demand for educational content.

Which sounds great—people want to learn instead of scrolling mindlessly. But just as I want to watch how much entertainment I take in, I don't want to inundate myself with serious issues and end up doomscrolling.

Educational issues are serious and the weight and stakes attached to slow progress can feel tiring. I want to make sure I reflect on all the content I see and identify any stressors.

I get more out of consuming by following up with creative outputs


  1. Read the newsletter, listen to the podcast, watch the documentary...

  2. Finish it.

  3. Fail to properly reflect on the content I consumed

  4. Move on to the next piece of content


  1. Take mental/ physical notes during and after consumption

  2. Get inspired by new content ideas

  3. Think about how to incorporate these ideas into my work

Not everything I read or watch needs to be followed by an assignment. But if an idea strikes me, I'm proactive about writing it down.

Finding a community working toward other edtech goals is exciting

There's so much going on in the edtech industry, including a handful of cool experiences and projects that I'm a part of.

There are so many conversations to be had about:

  • the companies we work for

  • our favorite projects that we're working on

  • the issues we want to solve

  • our origin story of entering the biz

I feel inspired hearing these stories and goals.

Not only do I get energized knowing that there's a sea of fish with similar interests. I'm able to gain new insights from people with different POVs too.

Building in public makes me feel more connected to the industry

Here's the thing about sharing ideas publicly. You never know who might stumble upon your work and reach out to

  • exchange ideas

  • collab

  • invest

  • teach you something new

There's comfort in knowing that I'm in control of what I think and put out in the world. I can decide how my projects grow, evolve, over disappear over time!

Consuming and creating content go hand-in-hand

I'm not sure that creating content always feels BETTER than consuming it. For me, the two work together.

I've found my own balance that can be best summed up like this:

For some people, consuming makes them feel relaxed and at-ease. For others, the thrill of spending time creating keeps them energised. Nearly everyone gets things they need from both camps.

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