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Edtech to the Moon🚀

Education and entertainment get kids excited about careers from a young age.


Around the 4th, 5th grade, this drops off.

The cute, twinkly, aspirational nature of kids stuff goes out the window.


Learning becomes a cold, serious, must-do. Something to get by to muddle our way into a dark, uncertain future.


THIS is a pragmatic dreamer’s vision for young learners. If you ever think edtech is more trouble than it’s worth, THIS is its true beauty.

Edtech is more than a tool or a software. It’s a feeling.


It's excitement when your teachers and parents put a cool tool in front of you.

Then one day you seek out the tool to use on your own. That’s how in love you are with the learning process.

Eventually you’re lucky enough to use a series of products over the course of your school years that motivate you.


And you realize these tools were more than fun, exciting, and helpful in the short term. They can help you design your future, whatever that looks like for you.

That’s what I believe edtech was designed to do.

Helping kids stay hooked on learning, long enough to:


Go from learning to use tech, to using it to learn how to flourish. Cradle to career. Passion to profession.

The greatest gift we can give children is to teach them how to survive on their own.

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