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Reading Suite Upsell Research


Enabling sales to have compelling product information to share with customers that compares the three Learning A-Z reading products and encourages an upsell to Raz-Plus.


Deliver sales training on the importance of upselling with selling scenario practice:

  • Share research on the value of upselling and existing company opportunity

  • Make connections to recent upsell survey results

  • Collaborate on different selling scenarios

Create collateral comparing Learning A-Z's three reading products:

  • 3 comparison flyers 

  • 1 battle card

  • 2 email sequences


  • Delivering the presentation to sales

  • Copywriting and editing collateral

  • Consulting product on key information

  • Collaborating with sales enablement and reading suite PMM team to plan event


  • Hosted highest-rated sales training of 2023

  • Created and delivered presentation for 70+ sales reps to review and collaborate around available upsell opportunity

  • Received 96% event score from sales reps who polled as "Highly Relevant" to their role​

  • Reading Suite Upsell Toolkit

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