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Executed to support instructional coaches and admin prospects during the needs assessment time of the school purchasing cycle.

Project Background

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To get trials and leads during fall 2023, the audience of this campaign was invited to explore the essentials in Raz-Plus that can support their Science of Reading classrooms.

As educators settle into using new products during back-to-school season, this campaign gave them a peek into some resources they could have been using, had they owned Raz-Plus.

Audience (Prospects)

  • 138K instructional coaches (literacy, ELL, special ed, curriculum specialist)

  • Just under 7K admin with accounts under $10,000


  • Email series

  • Landing page

  • Social media 

  • Downloadable checklist

Creative process

Here are the criteria for samples that my manager and I strategized. Resources samples offered must:

  • Connect to Science of Reading instruction

  • Fit under one of our 3 company "why" statements

    • Inspire curiosity​

    • Ensure comprehension

    • Instill the joy of learning

We ended up ungating 2 pieces of content per theme. Here is the content and our rationale:

Inspire curiosity

  • Social Studies book: A content area text

  • Project-based learning pack: The 4 C's

Ensure comprehension

  • Comprehension skill pack: Background knowledge, comprehension

  • Close Read Passage: Content-rich nonfiction

Instill the joy of learning

  • Graphic book: High-interest text

  • Reader's Theater script: Oral fluency practice

Final results

The email series went on for 5 consecutive weeks starting on September 21 and ending on October 19. 

  • 37k accounts engaged (22k forecast)

  • 153 trials (100 trials forecast)

"MORE Essentials" Campaign Content

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