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Learn more about the Channel Your Edtech Kid blog.

How was Channel Your Edtech Kid born?

I love the industry I work in. 


It feels like a privilege to be able to say that my work is more than a job to me because I know many people don't feel the same way.


I'm between the worlds of school and work being a fresh grad and new to working life.


I've started to connect my dots between learning with edtech—for 10+ years—and now working in the industry. I see key benefits to connecting these dots.

What does channel your edtech kid mean?

It's all about connecting your kid self to your edtech career in order to develop a sense of purpose and become more ambitious at work.

Who should channel their edtech kid?

If you want to FIND your personal connection to your job.


If you want to DEEPEN the love you already have for your job. 


If you want to REBUILD the sense of purpose in your job that you may have lost.

How can I start channeling my edtech kid?

Read this post to learn more about the benefits of channeling your edtech kid and sign up for my free monthly newsletter.

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