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Cross-Sell Sales Toolkit 


Enabling sales to have a story and collateral that support Vocabulary A-Z as a worthwhile companion for existing Raz-Plus customers.

  • Vocabulary A-Z is a digital, differentiated, game-based vocabulary solution

  • Raz-Plus is a literacy program with instructional support resources and student practice


Create a battle card, conversation framework, and infographic detailing a story and benefits for Raz-Plus customers to purchase Vocabulary A-Z.

The story

  • Originated from an existing product video featuring "4 essentials" for reading comprehension

  • Imagining those essentials as puzzle pieces inside a child's brain

  • Marking the vocabulary piece as missing

  • Creating urgency to fill the vocabulary void, labeling Vocabulary A-Z as the solution


  • Research

  • Copywriting and editing

  • Consulting product and content dev on key information

  • Partner with marketing design to make infographic come to life


  • Sales responded by making a new standard policy to add the solution to any account renewal over $2K

  • Printed for use at edtech conference at the request of sales

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