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Strategized and led event for 70+ sales executives to review and collaborate around the upsell opportunity available within our suite of products.

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Project Background

The marketing mixer was an event for sales hosted by marketing to review new marketing initiatives like campaigns and collateral.


It provides opportunities for collaboration and to discuss best practices for utilizing resources.

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Creative process

Three objectives with the mixer:

  1. Give background on the importance of upselling

  2. Showcase the existing company upsell opportunity

  3. Collaborate on different selling scenarios

I used upsell stats found online, evidence from an upsell survey I ran, and scenarios strategized with a team member to create the hour-long mixer.

Final results

This was the highest-rated marketing mixer of the year with 96% of attendees scoring it as “Highly Relevant” to their role and with take-aways that could be put to immediate use.


In addition to introducing new upsell sales tools housed in HighSpot, the training event included scenario planning exercises grounded in evidence from a recent survey I ran from existing customers eligible to upsell. 


Upsell Toolkit:

  • 2 comparison flyers

  • 1 battle card

  • 2 email sequences

*Battlecard and email sequences are internal tools not featured​​

Upsell Toolkit Content

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