Amplify evergreen nurture

This 8 email nurture campaign is a work in progress. Finalized email designs and stats are TBD.

Email copy

The goal of this copy is to engage the audience of educators and promote the benefits of biliteracy. The brand voice is optimistic, inventive, effective, thoughtful, & inclusive.

I'm working cross-functionally with the design and digital marketing teams to maintain consistent messaging across different campaign elements.

amplify email1.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-05 at 1.39_edited.jpg

A/B testing

Two tests were performed in this email series to optimize the email & audience segments.

​1. The impact including bracketed teasers in the subject lines has on open rates


2. The impact the email sender name (product specialist vs. VP of Spanish solutions) has on conversion rates.

Data analysis

The emails are created and uploaded in HubSpot, sent to leads who've shown interest in Amplify's biliteracy productsand analyzed for their performance.

(Results TBD)